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How to Do a Standing Back Tuck

Learn how to do a standing back tuck in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


A standing back tuck is the same thing as a back flip. I feel that more likely than not, cheerleaders use the term standing back tuck. Gymnasts would use back flip. Pretty much, it's the same thing as a back flip. You need to use your arms. You need to use your legs and your stomach. We're going to have Alyssa start off, with her arms above and she's going to be pointing her toes to the floor in a high position, and then she's going to swing her arms and lean back. Grab her knees to her chest and she's going to stick it. Yeah, all right.

Alyssa's going to show us a little bit better of a back tuck. It's called a stick in gymnastics and that's when you don't move, you bend your knees and the judges can't find any deductions when you do this. It's a cleaner way of doing this skill and the judges like it even better. Here she goes. Arms up, knees up and stick. Nice. Sticking is a position that every gymnast has to learn.
Alyssa's doing it right now. You can relax. It's something that takes time.

Obviously, you cannot stick, you cannot land perfectly every time. That's essentially what a stick is. It's a perfect landing. When you think of someone getting a perfect 10, it's because they stuck their landing and it just takes time. You have to practice, practice. Jump off mats. You need to get really strong legs, so if you jump off a high surface and land with your knees bent, your chest forward, it will really help you when you do harder, more difficult skills and trying to stick and receive no deduction.

Alyssa's going to demonstrate another stick landing for us. This is something you can do to help practice, learn a stick landing. She's going to jump nice and high off the block and she's going to land on the floor with her knees bent and her chest forward. Go ahead, and doing this motion over and over again will eventually lead to you sticking every landing that you do.

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