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How to Do a Back Walkover

Learn how to do a back walkover in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


In order to do a back walkover, first I have Alyssa to help me again. You need to put your arms above your head. You need to put one foot in front of you and then you're going to start leaning backwards into a bridge position. Kick off the floor and finish. It's very important to make sure you finish with your arms up, your chest up, your head up and your legs apart.

That position is called a lunge position. Want to show us the lunge one more time? When your back leg is straight, your front leg is bent, and it helps you finish the skill without falling over or without taking a step and it makes it look better. Now what she had to do was, she had to go through a bridge position.

This is something that will help you learn your back walkover. You need to be able to have really flexible shoulders and you need to have really strong arms, and you have to have a really flexible back and shoulders in order to do a bridge. The bridge is going to help you learn a back walkover.

First, we'll show you a bridge and then the next step is to kick over and into your lunge. Something you really need to do this skill is to stretch out. You need to be able to move your arms. You need to be able to get your arms really far behind you. Stretch your shoulders.

Want to stretch your shoulders for us? Like, on the floor, maybe? This is a good stretch to help stretch your shoulders out before doing a back walkover. Another one to do is called a seal stretch. It will help you get ready for a back walkover and a bridge.

Once you learn a bridge the next step is to kick up off the floor, like Alyssa did. And first, you're going to decide which leg you're going to start with. So most people, whichever leg you're more flexible with will be the leg that you pick up off the floor first.

Once you're in a bridge, you can kick off with your more flexible leg and push off with the other one, in order to get back into your lunge position and that's how you complete the skill. You need to finish with a nice bent leg in the front and straight in the back. Chest and arms up and that's how you do a back walkover.

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