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Back Walkover Tips

Pick up some tips on how to do a back walkover in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to give you some tips when learning a back walkover. In order to do a back walkover, you need really strong arms, flexible shoulders and a flexible back. In order to get flexible arms, you can do push ups. Alyssa's going to do two push ups and you can do those many more than two. You can do 20. You can do two sets of 20. As many as you want. Just try to get your arms stronger than they are now.

The next thing that you need is flexible shoulders. The best way to stretch your shoulders is to find a partner and to stand back to back. Grab the partner's arms. Keep your arms straight and then your partner's going to pull you backwards into a stretch position. That simulates the movement of a back walkover. Some more things that you can do to get your shoulders stretched out would be cat stretch.

It's a position that a cat makes when it's stretching. Obviously that's why it's named that way, and this is what it is. It opens up your shoulders and gets you ready for a back walkover. Another one is the seal stretch. This one will open up your back and get your vertebrae ready to get into the position of a bridge and a back walkover.

So once you're stretched out, you can move into doing an actual bridge position. Here's the bridge position. It also will stretch your shoulders and your back and will get you ready to do a back walkover. Once you've stretched your shoulders, your back and got your arms ready to go, it's time to start doing your back walkover.

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