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Back Walkover Drills

Learn how to do back walkover drills in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


There are so many drills that you can do when you start learning a back walkover. I'm going to highlight just a few. The first one that is really good, that you need to learn, is you're going to go find a wall anywhere in the gym that you work out in, and essentially what you do is you stand up a couple of feet away, two feet away from the wall and you reach back, and you're going to walk your way all the way down to the floor with your hands and then you're going to walk all the way back. Once you've mastered the drill against the wall, you can move to a cheese mat.

Alyssa is going to start doing a bridge and then she's going to kick off and land in her lunge. It's just easier to do on an inclined surface. Your legs don't have to travel so far and you don't have to be quite as strong to do it from here. Once you master the cheese mat drill you can move on to a lower surface. The lower the mat gets the harder the kick over is going to be. That's why you start from a high surface like a cheese mat. Now we're moving onto a panel mat. So Alyssa is going to do a bridge again and she's going to try to kick over.

It's a little bit harder, nice lunge, but she can do it even off that. Then the next step would be to do it just on the floor, no mat to help you. After you remove the panel mat you can do the bridge kick over from the floor. Now this is probably the hardest part of the walkover and once you master this and the wall drill, you're really ready to try it by yourself. So Alyssa is going to demonstrate. She's going to kick over, land in a lunge, try to keep her legs straight and finish the back walkover, and those are some drills that you can do to learn a back walkover.

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