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How to Do a Back Handspring

Learn how to do a back handspring in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to show you guys how to do a back handspring. Alyssa's going to demonstrate the skill for us first. Nice. There are many things that you can do before you do a back handspring. The first drill that I'd like to show you guys is just again, becoming comfortable jumping backwards. You're going to jump onto a cheese mat. In this drill Alyssa's going to use her arms and her legs. Arms swing and she's going to push off the floor and land on her back.

This just is going to get her comfortable and prepared to jump backwards and land on her hands.
The next drill Alyssa is going to show us is a really good one and very important when you're learning a back handspring. This allows you to lie on your back and push off your legs. You don't have to necessarily use your arms, just yet. You're going to push off the ground, slowly go through a bridge walkover position and then you're going to snap down to your feet.

She's going to lean backwards, kick off the floor and snap down. Nice. Once you become more comfortable with the other drills that I've shown you, this is one of the last ones, before you can do it on the floor. I'm going to help her. You should use a spot when you first do it just to make sure you don't hurt yourself. You're going to need to remember to keep your arms straight, because if you bend your arms you're going to hit your head on the floor.

So really concentrate when you jump backwards when you're going to hit the floor to keep your arms straight and locked. When she starts she's going to use the arm swing and she's going to bend her legs, push down, and snap. Nice. After doing the back handspring on a cheese mat, you can move to the floor with a spot. Arms swing, push off the floor. Nice, and the last step is to just do it by yourself, and that is how you do a back handspring.

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