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How to Do a Handstand

Learn how to do a handstand in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to tell you guys how to do a handstand and Yuri is going to show you how. First you're going to start with your arms up in a lunge position. Then you're going to kick up, lunge, kick up. Nice. So in order to do a handstand, you have to be really strong. You have to have strong arms, strong shoulders, strong core, strong legs. Everything in your whole body you'll be squeezing when you're doing a handstand. It involves balance and strength so this takes a lot of practice.

One of the things that you can do to learn a handstand is go over to a wall. Go against the wall, and kick up and hold as long as you can against the wall or for a certain period of time, and then come down. This will increase your arm strength and allow you to move onto the floor, and try to hold it for a longer, extended period of time. When you move to the wall to do a handstand, there are two types that you can do.

You can have your back touching the wall or you can have your stomach facing the wall. Both are very important when you try to learn how to balance in a handstand. So when you first learn a handstand, it'll be highly unlikely that you can just kick up and hold it in place. That's when you master it. So first, don't be afraid when you start doing a handstand, if your hands are walking forward and backwards. Just keep working on it and you'll eventually be able to hold it straight up and down.

Once you move off the wall, another drill you can do is have your coach spot you, so I'll be the coach. Yuri will be the athlete, and he's going to do a handstand and I'm just going to help him stay up, and so I'm going to push him from side to side. That's going to help him learn to gain balance, and so he can save himself when his body starts to move on his own. Kick up. So now I can move him back and forth, side to side. This will help him gain more and more balance as time goes on, and eventually he can just hold it by himself, and that's how you learn a handstand.

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