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How to Do a Handstand Press

Learn how to do a handstand press in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


We're going to show you guys how to do a press handstand. Here's what a press handstand looks like, nice. The first step is to start with your legs apart. Next your hands have to be shoulder width. Then you're going to lean forward and place your hands on the floor and that's your first position.

Then you can start to learn some drills that will help you to do it by yourself. This skill is pretty difficult and requires a lot of balance and strength, as well. The first drill that I would say you need to learn is with a panel mat against a wall.

Your legs are going to be higher up in the air and you can just lean forward against the wall. Press your back and your legs against the wall and squeeze in a handstand position. Next you can remove the panel mat and do it just from floor level. This is a little bit more difficult, but it is the next step when learning a press handstand.

After you can do it against the wall by yourself the next step is to do it with a spot on the floor, and then you do it by yourself. After you've mastered all the drills you can try to do it on the floor with a spot. I'm going to help Yuri. I'm going to use my knees to hold his shoulders, and lift his body up into a squeeze position, and that's how you do a nice press handstand.

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