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How to Do a Forward Straddle Roll

Learn how to do a forward straddle roll in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


Yuri's going to show us how to do a forward straddle roll. In order to do a forward straddle roll, first you're going to start with your arms above your head. Then you're going to bend your knees and put your hands on the floor. The next step is really important. You need to make sure you put your chin to your chest.

If you look up you're at risk to injure your neck, so make sure you put your chin to your chest. Once you do that, you can kick off your legs, roll on your back and stand up in a straddle position, nice. If that is too hard for you, you can use a cheese mat. You can start at the top of the cheese mat in the same position, roll down to the bottom of the cheese mat into a straddle position.

It's just easier to maintain your momentum that way.If you're still having trouble pushing yourself up, this is one drill that you can do to help yourself with that. So Yuri's going to roll forward on the panel mat, straddle his legs and push up. The panel mat makes it easier to push off the ground and stand up without bending your legs. Push up, and that's how you get started doing a forward straddle roll.

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