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How to Do a Full Twisting Layout

Learn how to do a full twisting layout in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


We are going to show you how to do a full twisting layout. So before you do a full twisting layout, you need to make sure you're a pretty good gymnast. First, you need to master how to do a back tuck and a back layout, before you start moving on to a back layout with a full twist. So Alyssa is going to show us how to do a full twisting back layout.

Alyssa is using a tumble track and a tumble track is used when you're learning new skills. So before you try to do a back handspring layout with a full twist on the real floor, you definitely should try it on a tumble track or a trampoline first. The first part of a full twisting back layout is a run. You have to have a run that is fast and powerful.

Then after your run, you're going to do a nice high hurdle with your arms up into the air and knees up to your chest, a round-off, a back handspring, and then you're going to set nice and high up into the air, and you're going to wrap into the full, allowing your body to do a 360 turn. We call this in gymnastics a set, and that's really important to have a really nice set, before you do a full, and that is how you do a full twisting back layout.

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