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How to Do Gymnastics Tumbling

Learn how to do gymnastics tumbling in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to tell you guys how to do gymnastic tumbling. Now gymnastics tumbling is a part of the floor exercise. All the skills, round off, back handspring, back full, back full twisting, layout, everything that is considered gymnastics tumbling. So I can pretty much just tell you if you are going to try to do gymnastics tumbling, you need to find yourself a safe area. A nice floor exercise is soft, and you need to be doing skills that are in within your own ability and within your own comfort zone.
It really just depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what you are trying to learn.

A great idea would be to join a local gym. Go in the Yellow Pages and find a local gymnastics club, where you can have a coach and be safe and you can learn how to tumble. There are many different types of gymnastics tumbling, so you need to make sure you're comfortable with doing what you're doing. But there's front tumbling and there's back tumbling. Front tumbling involves the use of a front handspring and back tumbling involves the use of a round off back handspring. Anything where you're running. You're doing a hurdle and doing acrobatic skills is considered gymnastic tumbling. That is how to do gymnastic tumbling.

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