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Gymnastics Tumbling Practice Tips

Pick up some gymnastics tumbling practice tips in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to give you guys some tumbling practice tips. When you're tumbling, you need to make sure to keep your body really tight. You want to keep your ankles really tight on the floor. You want to keep your feet nice and square. You don't want to let your feet go in or out, because that could cause an injury. You could roll your ankle and you don't want that. So I would definitely say you need to really keep your body nice and tight, nice and square whenever you're attempting a new skill.

Make sure that your mind knows what you're going to do next, because you want to attack the skill you're doing with full mental focus. A main tip I want to mention is that you really need to be nice and warmed up before you start tumbling. Really before you do any gymnastics, you need to make sure your body is nice and warmed up. I would say you should do a 30-minute stretch with a little bit of running, a little bit of jumping. Get your joints nice and ready to attack the tumbling. Those are some gymnastics tumbling practice tips.

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