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Gymnastics Tumbling Drills

Learn some gymnastics tumbling drills in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


Some of the incredibly basic drills that you need to do when you're tumbling are straight jump, which is just when you jump straight up in the air, straight like a pencil and then you try to stick. And then you can also do tuck jumps, which is where you jump straight up in the air and bring both your knees up to your chest. Try to touch your knees to your chest and you can do them consecutively or you can do them just one at a time and sticking.

Another one is a pike jump, so when you jump up and try to touch your toes with both feet straight in front of you and then you come back down. You can do them in a row, a sequence, whatever you like. Also another one is a straddle jump, so you jump and you put both legs and arms out. Try to touch your toes again and come back down.

Other ones I would like to mention are jumps involving turns, so you jump up in the air, you do a 180 degree turn and you stick or you do a jump, you do a 360 degree turn and then you stick. You can also combine all these different kinds of jumps. You can make them into sequences, like straight jump, tuck jump, straddle jump, full turn, stick.

Little kids, they do these drills when they're learning how to first do their basic tumbling. These drills allow you to learn how to use the floor and use your legs and learn body awareness, and those are basic tumbling drills that you can use in at home or in a gym.

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