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How to Do a Front Handspring

Learn how to do a front handspring in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


Yuri and I are going to show you how to do a front handspring. This is what it looks like first.
So in order to do a front handspring you need to understand how to do a few drills first. The first drill it's called a handstand hop and what you do is you start off in a lunge position. You go into a handstand position and you push your hands down, push your shoulders to the floor and try to hop up into the air and then back down into a handstand.

This gives you what we call a block. It's really important on vaults, but it's also used when you do a front handspring. So once you learn how to do a handstand block, you can move up to doing it onto a block, you can add a mat. So you do the same thing. You kick up into a handstand from a lunge. You pop off the floor, land onto the mat and do a forward roll.

The next thing you can do is just called a front handspring hop and land on your back. So you do a hurdle, front handspring hop, push off the floor, land on your back. Once you can do that really well, you can try to land on your feet. And you can do it on a lower surface first. You can do it on a soft mat first, before you move on to a floor exercise. So we're going to show you how to do it on a tumble track and that is how you do a front handspring.

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