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How to Do Gymnastics Vault Moves

Learn how to do gymnastics vault moves in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


Hey, guys. I'm going to show you how to do gymnastics vault moves. Now vault is one of the gymnastics events and there are different types of vaults that you can do. Now when you're a beginner the most basic vault is called a squat on. And what you really need to do is you find a place on the runway where you feel comfortable running towards the board, and so what you are going to want to do, is start running down the runway towards the vaulting horse is what it's called.

And what you're going to need to do is a nice hurdle. Get your knees up and your arms above your head and ready to jump onto the vault, and then you're just going to jump up, and hop right onto the horse and put your feet on. And the next step is to just jump off and stick your landing and present. That is the most basic vault.

So once you master the squat on, normally you learn that when you're very young, you start to progress into a front handspring and that is used in a lot of the lower levels of gymnastics. It's just like a front handspring on the floor, except for when you jump, you don't jump on the floor. You jump on the springboard, and then when you block you block off, you put your hands like a handstand and you push off, off the vaulting table and then you stick your landing again.

Then after you master a front handspring, you can move on to more difficult vaults. There are vaults with a round off. You can do a flip after your round off or a flip after your front handspring. Tsukahara, is what the round off into a flip is called. There are also your Chenko's, which involves a round off back handspring onto the vault. So there are many different variations that you can do, depending on your level of ability, and those are some basic vault moves.

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