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Gymnastics Vault Move Tips

Pick up some tips on how to do gymnastics vault moves in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I have some tips for you guys for the vault. One main thing is you really need to be a really fast runner, so you need to do a lot of drills. You need to just do a lot of sprinting in your free time, so maybe in your normal conditioning regimen you can add some sprinting into it. The faster you are, the more powerful you're vault will be. The better your vault will be.

Also, you really need to remember to keep your arms straight while you're doing your block, because not only is it a deduction, but it puts your neck at danger of getting an injury. You know you really need to block with straight arms, really nice and strong on the vault, whether you're doing a squat on or handspring or a round off over the horse you always need to keep your arms straight.

Another thing that you really need to be careful of, is you need to make sure that you're running straight. If you start running down the runway and you get a little crooked and you miss the vault, it's not safe either. You know you really need to be careful with where you put your feet. Make sure it's nice in the center of the board. You get the best bounce that you can, the best jump that you can and it will create the best vault that you can do. And those are my vault tips.

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