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Gymnastics Vault Move Drills

Learn how to do gymnastics vault move drills in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


No matter what type of vault that you're doing, there are a bunch of different drills that you can do to make your vault better. One of the things that you need no matter what is a really good hurdle, and in order to do a good hurtle you have to have really good arm circle and you have to have a really good punch off the board.

So in order to do that you can do this drill that I have set up here, where you walk off the end of the mat, do a nice arm circle and punch off the board. All you practice is arm circle, punch off the board. The next drill that we can use on vault is for getting a better hurdle. So you combine the arm circle swing and getting your knees up really high and your jump, right before you punch off the board.

So you're going to run down the runway and then you're going to jump over the mat, get a nice arm circle and then punch off the board and do a squat on on to the vault, so that can help develop your squat on or for a handspring, any type of vault. So then there's another drill that you can do that progresses beyond the squat on. It's for a handspring vault.

It's called a handstand flat back. Basically, what you do is you run down the runway, do arm circle, big high hurdle, jump into a handstand position and land flat on your back. Once you can master that at a high level, you can move and do the same thing on to the horse and eventually generate a front handspring vault. And those are three of my vault drills.

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