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How to Do a Back Walkover on the Balance Beam

Learn how to do a back walkover on the balance beam in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


Alyssa and I are going to show you how to do a back walkover on the beam. Now she can't do it without a spot, but we're going to demonstrate with a spot. Basically what is is, is you start with your arms above your head in a nice stretched position. You are going to lean back and kick one leg into the air, into a bridge position and kick off the floor.

So this is what it looks like. Nice, in order to do that we start off working that on a low, low, low beam. It's easier to do. That way you are not scared of falling and hurting yourself. You can actually even do it on the floor without a beam at all, just on the line. You really need to be able to keep your body straight and not go side to side, because obviously you are doing basically, a back walkover on a four-inch beam, so it's really important that you can be consistent and straight every time.

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