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Back Walkover on Balance Beam Drills

Learn how to do back walkover on the balance beam drills in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to show you guys a couple progressions, a couple drills in helping you learn your back walkover on the beam. So the first one is just practice on the floor. So once you do it on the floor, you can draw a line on the ground, that way you make sure you're going super straight, and you're not afraid to wobble off the beam. And once you're comfortable doing it on the floor on the line a bunch of times in a row, you can move up to a real beam. So here's another drill that you can use to learn your back walkover. It's called a handstand kick down. Nice, so basically what it is, is it's training you the second half of your back walkover.

It allows you to square your hips, because you need to not fall off. After you can do the handstand step down and the back walkover on the line comfortably, the next drill would be to move on to a lower beam and do a back walkover without grabbing it, so you do it with your hands wide. Nice,
and then the last step is putting your hands together on the beam, trying it on a higher and higher and higher beam and progressing all the way up to the competitive level of the balance beam. Those are my drills for learning a back walkover on the balance beam.

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