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Gymnastics Bars Tips

Pick up some tips on how to do gymnastics bars moves in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to give you guys some tips for bars. Another name that gymnasts use for bars is the uneven bars. It's prominently for female gymnasts. It takes a lot of upper body strength and a lot of core strength. You don't really need to be that strong in your legs to be a good bar worker, but definitely you need to have strong arms and a strong core.

Some tips that I have for you would be that really condition your body before beginning. Make sure you include a lot of chin-ups and leg lifts in your strength regimen, before you begin doing bars. Once you begin doing that, it's all down to practice makes perfect. You really need to make sure you are with a coach at all times.

Because, especially when you're working on the high bar there's a big distance between you and floor, so you need to be safe and have someone spotting you when you learn new skills. Make sure when you're learning those new skills that you include a soft surface. You can learn skills into a pit, and those are the tips that I would give you when you are learning new uneven bar skills.

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