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How to Do an Uneven Bars Routine

Learn how to do an uneven bars routine in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


When constructing a bars routine you need to have a mount and a dismount and skills that fit in in between. You can include skills on the low bar, the high bar. You also have to have a transition between the two, so a squat on to the bar, jump to the high bar and finish with a dismount. Again, it depends on the level what kind of skills you are doing, whether it be a back hip circle or really advanced skills.

But a basic beginner's bar routine involves a mount, a dismount and a skill on the low bar, and a skill on the high bar. Now we are going to watch Yuri do a basic bar routine. Like I said you need a mount. Yuri is going to start with a glide kip, a cast, jump to the high bar, kip, cast, back hip circle, nice swing and a dismount. Nice, Yuri just gave us a perfect example of a beginner's bar routine.

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