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Pommel Horse Basics

Learn how to do basic pommel horse moves in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


I'm going to show you guys a couple pommel horse basics. Basics are the foundation of every event and especially on the pommel horse. Without pommel horse basics, it's incredibly difficult to do a routine or any skill of any kind. You really need to master these basics before you start learning new skills. The most basic basics I would say would be leg cuts.

They're extremely simple, but they progress into bigger scales that are some of the hardest things that you can do on a pommel horse. So Yuri is going to show us how to do a simple leg swing, and a simple scissor, and also he's going to do a circle, where he fully extends his body and pulls his arms all the way around in a full circle on the pommel horse. Those are a few pommel horse basic skills that you need to know when you are a gymnast.

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