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How to Do a Pommel Horse Routine

Learn how to do a pommel horse routine in this gymnastics training video from Howcast.


A pommel horse routine can be incredibly simple or incredibly difficult. Just like the other events, it requires a mount, some skills in the middle, and a dismount. He's going to combine all kinds of scissor, leg cut elements and circle elements, and a handstand dismount. Pommel horse is one of the most difficult events for many gymnasts, just because it's incredibly specific for a type of support strength.

If you have flexible shoulders and you have a really strong support, you're able to do much more complicated tricks than people who are not strong in those areas. So here's a pretty intermediate pommel horse routine by Yuri. So here comes his mount. He's going to mount with a simple leg cut to circles, excuse me. Now he's doing leg cut again, and leg cut. Now scissor, scissor half, scissor travel, handstand dismount.

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