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How to Do Gymnastics with Paul Ruggeri

Learn about Paul Ruggeri, one of Howcast's gymnastics experts, in this video.


Hey, guys. My name is Paul Ruggeri and I'm a current U.S. National team member for gymnastics. I trained here at U.S. Gym in Mahwah, New Jersey. I represented the University of Illinois for five years and the NCAA, and I was a member of the 2012 National Championship winning team. Now I'm training to try to make the 2013 World Championship team that will be going to Belgium in October.

Gymnastics has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and it's going to be a part of me forever. I love it because I love being active. I love being fit and it's a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle. I really hope you guys enjoy the videos that we made this morning and I hope they can help you out in learning new skills.

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