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How to Spot an Easy Mark at a Bar

Learn how to spot an easy mark that you can fool with a bar trick with this Howcast video.


Hello, my friends. You're about to learn how to do some amazing bar bets on people, which may mean you may never have to pay for a drink again for the rest of your life. But you can't just walk up to somebody at the bar and say "Hey, I betcha." First of all, you have to know the person to go to. You have to spot the perfect mark.

The term mark by the way, just for your education, comes from the grand old days of the American carnival, where down the midway there were these fantastic games where you could win amazing prizes. The games were all gaffed, geed, as they would say in the trade, to the hilt. The game owner could make you win or lose on a whim or a fancy and after you'd lost a lot of money, they'd pat you on the back and say "Oh, you were so close. Come back and try again another day."

What you didn't see was the piece of chalk between their fingers, as they patted your back they put a big chalk mark down the back of your jacket, letting every other game owner down the line know that you were an easy target. Marked, a mark if you like. So if you've ever come back from the carnival with an empty wallet and a whacking great chalk mark on your jacket, well, now at least you know why.

But how do you spot the guy at the bar, or indeed the girl at the bar that you're going to take money from? It's a very silly answer, but I'll explain it to you. Good shoes, you see, rich people will wear raggedy jeans, crappy t-shirts, hair all over the place. They always wear good comfortable shoes. Any great salesman will tell you when somebody walks into a high end store, the first thing they look for is shoes.

There my friends, is a pair of $2000 dollar Ferragamo's. I didn't pay for them, but I wear them. Always look for good shoes sitting next to that person at the bar, because they have disposable cash. And people like me are always looking for people with disposable cash, because you know my friends, it's a great line. The money stays the same, it's only the pockets that the money is in that changes. My pockets are pretty full. Stand by for a rock 'n roll course in how to make a lot of money in any bar in the world.

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