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How to Do the Cigarette Knot Trick

Learn how to win the bet that you can't tie a cigarette into a knot with this Howcast video.


Simon: Hey, guys. I got to tell you something fantastic. My kid showed me something. He's mad I think he's going to-- eventually he's going to be a con man or something, because he keeps learning these strange and unusual things.

Peter: I wonder where?

Simon: You do, don't you? Hey ho, but showed me a new one the other day and I had to pay him $5 to learn the secret, because I couldn't see how he could do it. I didn't know how he even got a hold of a pack of cigarettes.

Peter: Kids these days.

Simon: He doesn't smoke, which is good. It's, you know that's a very important, he doesn't smoke. But he got a pack of cigarettes just to do this little thing and I thought you might like to see it.

Peter: Love to.

Simon: But I should point he charged me $5 bucks for it

Jillian: Are you going to charge us $5?

Simon: Yeah, but you don't have to take the bet, until tell you the bet and then its up to you.

Peter: Okay, I'll take this.

Simon: He bet me that he could take a cigarette and tie it into a knot without breaking it, and leave it completely smokeable afterwards. No problem at all, do you want to try it? Just try tying it into a knot and see if you can do it?

Jillian: Really?

Simon: Yeah.

Simon: You see you already broke it and you know they're $12.50 a pack here in New York. See you already owe me at least $1. But then he showed it to me and he could do it and I can do it too.

Peter: Doesn't seem like it can be done.

Simon: Do you want to bet me $5.

Jillian: Why not?

Peter: All right. lets do it!

Simon: How about $10.

Peter: You said $5.

So,pm: No, that's what it cost me. I like to make a profit on these things, my friend.

Peter: You just want to you know, pay for the cigarette box.

Jillian: Yeah, your almost there.

Simon: He broke one, $10 its worth it to learn the bet.

Peter: Lets do it.

Simon: I'll buy you drinks all night, if I can't do it.

Peter: All right.

Jillian: Drinks all night.

Peter: Can't refuse cold drinks.

Simon: You can't. So $10 my friend and just to show I am a fair man.

Peter: Whoa, look at this.

Simon: I got a stash in there, some people have been betting me too. There's $10 for you, if I can't do it.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: Here's the secret, and remember this is the cool thing. You can do this on your friends tomorrow.

Jillian: Yeah, true.

Simon: You take a cigarette. It's not one of those sneaky cigarettes or anything. Lets just store that one over there. Its not one of those sneaky cigarettes. Its a real cigarette. Do you remember around the box of the cigarette?

Peter: The plastic.

Simon: This cellophane plastic. I do that so smoothly, don't I? It might take you a little longer. You break it open and roll the cigarette into the cellophane. Make sure you don't do it tight and make sure the whole cigarette goes right into the cellophane. Just like that. A little twist on the ends. This is going to stun you. You might even fall madly in love with me when I do this.

Peter: Lets not get ahead of ourselves, all right?

Simon: Okay, well you might fall madly in love with me when we... I wouldn't like that.

Peter: Me either.

Simon: Tightly rolled in cellophane, now I can tie the cigarette into a knot.

Jillian: It's not breaking.

Simon: And it doesn't...

Peter: It didn't break, wow.

Simon: Its just one of those weird science experiment things. I like science, that's what I studied at school.

Peter: And you can still smoke it .

Simon: Because now it might be a bit battered and crumbled and if only you could smoke in a bar, I'd be a happy little camper right now. Just remember if there are any young people watching this little betcha, and I think you both agree with me, it's totally cool to tie a cigarette into a knot, but it definitely not cool to smoke them. That my friends is how you tie a cigarette into a knot.

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