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How to Win an Easy Math Bet

Learn how to win an easy math bet with this Howcast video.


Simon: Peter, you've lost a couple of math bets to me, haven't you my friend?

Peter: I'm afraid so.

Simon: But I've got a brilliant one for you that I know you can work out.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: It's very easy. It's so easy this time that I may well have to buy you a drink.

Peter: That sounds good so far.

Simon: Right, I'm going to-- Roman numerals...

Peter: Okay.

Simon: He's good at those, right?

Jillian: Mm-hmm.

Simon: He's been studying.

Jillian: Yes.

Simon: So we've got 1 + XI = X , which is I'm sure you're aware, is one plus eleven equals ten. Now do you remember last time, on our very first little math bet that I let you add a straight line.

Peter: Yes.

Simon: Which you failed at, miserably. Then the second time, you failed to recognize that you could add a curved line. This time, you don't get to add any lines. That puzzle has to work exactly as it is, without adding any lines. And that's for a drink, duh. My friends at home may have already noticed, people always pay the price for the solution. There you go. Now you can do the little covery model thing. It was kind of nice. Calvin Klein would love you. You know, like, "Uh-huh, I'm vogueing, I'm vogueing, the puzzle is-a working." Now, that puzzle has to work exactly as it is.

Peter: Could you turn it upside down or X equals. Nine plus one! I did it!

Simon: He finally won a bet! High five!

Peter: Yes! Now I would love a drink, please.

Simon: Gina? Cut this man off. No, that's the puzzle, yeah. So you turn it upside down.

Jillian: Good for you.

Simon: And here's a good thing for you folk, Peter. I'll tell you one of the great secrets of bar bets. It's not about winning every bar bet. It's just about winning more than you lose. Right now, you're 9000 down, but congrats on winning one. Congrats on winning one. Try it out on your friends and they won't be as smart as him, because very few people are.

Peter: Very true.

Simon: And that's how you do tricks with math. I'm glad you won one. I mean, just one. I mean, I felt so bad.

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