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How to Win a Bar Bet using the Hat Trick

Learn how to win a bar bet with the hat trick in this Howcast video.


Simon: Peter, my friend. You look like you're ready for another drink.

Peter: I am. I can totally use one.

Simon: But I'd like to give you a little betcha, if you don't mind.

Peter: No, I don't mind.

Simon: This is fun, because if I lose the bet, you win. And I'll pay for your drink.

Peter: Sounds good to me.

Simon: But if you lose, you buy me a drink. How's that?

Peter: Okay. Fair enough.

Simon: We're going to go for a... do you like tequila?

Peter: Sure. I love tequila.

Simon: I do, too. Gina my wee darling, can we get a tequila over here? Peter's paying for it.

Peter: We'll see. We'll see.

Simon: We'll see.

Peter: Yeah. We'll see.

Simon: It's only fair, so far.

Peter: Okay. Yeah. Sounds good.

Simon: Thank you, darling.

Peter: Nice. Thank you.

Simon: Nice tequila there. Here's our little betcha, Peter.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: I'm going to cover that tequila with your hat.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: And I'm prepared to bet you, my friend, that I can drink that tequila without touching the hat. That's a pretty cool bet.

Peter: All right.

Simon: Now think about this. If I can do it, you'll learn it. And you can do it on all of your friends too and all it's cost you is a tequila.

Peter: Sounds fair.

Simon: All righty. The bet's on.

Peter: The bet's on.

Simon: Pony up some money. Are you sure you got it on you?

Peter: Yeah.

Simon: And you're prepared to pay for the drink?

Peter: Yes.

Simon: Okay. I'll trust you.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: Just the once.

Peter: I got it.

Simon: Normally, I want the money on the bar.

Peter: Okay, I got it here.

Simon: But I'll trust you. You ready?

Peter: I'm ready.

Simon: Here we go.

Peter: Show me your magic.

Simon: That's a very good tequila. I just drank the tequila without touching the hat.

Peter: Really?

Simon: Yep.

Peter: I don't believe you. Should I lift it up?

Jillian: Take it off?

Simon: You can check it, if you want.

Peter: Ah.

Simon: I've just drunk the tequila. I didn't touch the hat. You touched the hat. Do you want to go for another one?

Peter: All right.

Simon: All righty. Gina, my wee darling.

Peter: Wow. You tricked me.

Simon: I did. I'm a sneaky little devil.

Peter: You got me. I should have seen that one coming.

Simon: Thank you, darling. By the way, you know you already owe me another tequila? Because the tequila you bought wasn't the bet, so I'm a tequila up.

Peter: Okay. All right.

Simon: But here's the deal on this tequila. I'm going to bet you. Now you know how I did it the first time.

Peter: Right.

Simon: You're way ahead of the game.

Peter: Yeah, very sneaky.

Simon: I'm going to bet you a dollar, even though you know the bet, that I can drink that tequila without touching the hat.

Peter: Without touching the hat?

Simon: No touching the hat. No straws. No nothing. I can drink that tequila without touching the hat, for a dollar.

Peter: You won't just lift it up and then drink it again?

Jillian: Or have you lift it up.

Peter: Or have me lift it up. Okay, sounds fair. Sounds good.

Simon: Okay.

Jillian: You lifted the hat up.

Simon: I did. I owe you a dollar. And that, my friends, is how you get three drinks for a dollar.

Peter: Very nice.

Simon: And I keep your hat.

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