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How to Win the Mystery Box Bet

Learn how to win the mystery box bet with this Howcast video.


Simon: You guys are back at the bar again. You just can't wait to beat me, can you?

Peter: No, I'm convinced its going to happen.

Simon: In your dreams. But I do have a new one for you. It's great. You see, a little while ago I was sold an impossible object. I keep it here in my cigarette box. Its an impossible object and I'll tell you why, Jillian. Nobody here has ever seen this object before in history.

Peter: Does it even exist? Ah, there's something in there.

Simon: And even though I know I own this object, I've never seen this object. And If I show it to you, nobody in history will ever see it again. Now, are you interested in the object, my friend?

Peter: Sure, if no one's seen it.

Simon: Thought you might be. But of course, since its such an impossible object, a unique object that nobody in history has ever seen before, well I'm not going to show it to you for nothing, am I?

Peter: No, of course, here we go.

Simon: So what are you going to pony up?

Peter: Let's do, can we do a drink? A tequila?

Simon: I think a little higher for an impossible object. I mean look at the little bets you've lost against me before for a drink. I mean this an impossible object nobody has ever seen before, and nobody will ever see again. Now that's worth a bit of scratch.

Peter: How much are you looking for?

Simon: Five hundred?

Peter: Oh, I don't know if I can do that.

Simon: What are you going to go?

Peter: Why not $100?

Simon: Let's meet in the middle, make it $250.

Peter: Two hundred fifty, all right. I'll go for it. If its that impossible.

Simon: You with a beautiful lady, don't let yourself down with a pansy bet.

Peter: Lady luck.

Simon: Lady luck, that's just about to run out. Oh, you are so going to hate me on this one. I promised you inside this box is an impossible object that nobody has ever seen before. Nobody will ever see again and if I told you one lie, I will double your bet. So do you want to up your bet?

Peter: Why not? Let's go for it.

Simon: What are you going to go for?

Peter: Well if we're going to go $250 and double it?

Simon: So that'll make it $500? If I told you a lie, I'll give you $1,000.

Peter: Whoa.

Simon: Of course, I'm not going to take it out here. My friend, here's the deal and you are so going to hate me, Jillian. But this is how you beat your friends that much. You take out an unshelled peanut. Break open the peanut. That, my friend, is an object which has never been seen before by anybody in history and will never be seen again. And that is how you can take a grand off somebody in the bar.

Jillian: For a peanut.

Simon: And by the way, I've allegedly taken more than a grand on that bet. I suggest to you, my friends just go for $2 or $3 or a drink or have some fun.

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