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How to Win an Easy $10 Bet

Learn how to win an easy $10 bet with this Howcast video.


Simon: Peter, Jillian. Nice to see you back at the bar. And good to see you enjoying your drink, because that's what keeps us guys in business. But I know you like to drink for free, right?

Peter: Oh, yeah.

Simon: Do you know? My little kid, Sydney, showed me a great one the other day. Fantastic little bet. I couldn't believe I fell for this. And I'm going to bet you a drink on it. You see, he bet me that I couldn't name the president on a ten dollar bill, even if I looked at the bill for ten seconds. You got a ten dollar bill on you?

Peter: Yeah, I think I do.

Simon: I'm going to let you look at that bill for ten seconds and then put it face down on the bar. Then I'm going to ask you the question about the president on it.

Jillian: Gosh, I don't know.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: This is fantastic. Is that enough for you?

Peter: Yeah.

Jillian: Yeah.

Simon: Great, let's put the bill face down on the bar. Didn't even take you ten seconds. See? That's how stupid I felt when I lost the bet. Can you name the president on that ten dollar bill?

Peter: Alexander Hamilton.

Simon: Great, you just lost ten dollars.

Peter: Not a president.

Simon: Not a president. He was Secretary of the Treasury.

Jillian: I had no idea. You caught on a lot faster than I did.

Simon: Here's a cool thing though, that my kid Sydney told me. If somebody bets you on the bet, you can still win the bet. Because if they say name the president on the ten dollar bill, do you know what you say?

Jillian: Is there one on there?

Simon: You say Alexander Hamilton and they'll say to you: "Hahaha, he was never president." At which point, you say, "Yes, he was." He was president of the Ascot Club in New York City.

Peter: Ah, there you go.

Simon: You see? It's all about how you word the bet, people.

Peter: Right. Yeah.

Simon: You have to say: "Can you name the president of the United States on the bill." So, Jillian, here's one for you. You're American, right?

Jillian: Yes.

Simon: And you went to school?

Gillian: Yes.

Simon: So, you're vaguely educated?

Jillian: Vaguely.

Simon: Here's a great one for you, but you'll like this one. You can do this for another ten dollars.

Peter: All right.

Simon: I like the long tall green. What can I say?

Peter: Great.

Simon: For ten dollars can you name me the first president of America?

Jillian: I was nervous this would happen. Is this a trick question?

Simon: I'm just merely asking you to name the first president of America for a nice little silver.

Jillian: George Washington?

Simon: You were so close.

Peter: It was George Washington.

Simon: You were so close.

Jillian: You see? I knew it. That's why I wasn't...

Peter: He's the first president.

Simon: No, he was the first president of the United States of America. The first president of America was the first president of the Continental Congress, which would be John Hancock.

Jillian: Oh.

Peter: Oh.

Simon: You owe me ten bucks.

Peter: You sneaky devil.

Simon: I am a sneaky little devil. But then, I am America's conman. And that, my friends, is, as they say in the trade, a quickie for ten dollars. Nice.

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