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How to Pull Off the Lincoln Coin Trick

Learn how to pull off the Lincoln coin trick with this Howcast video.


Simon: Jillian, Peter. I've got a little magic trick to show you. You like magic tricks, right?

Peter: Oh, yeah.

Simon: Who doesn't like magic tricks? Look, I can show my hand empty, give it a little rub and produce a penny.

Jillian: Yay.

Simon: All I need to do is do that 38 million times a day and I'll be as rich as Warren Buffet or I could bet you something. See, I've been taking this psychic course from television and I'm getting really good at it.

Jillian: Okay.

Simon: And see, I can sense you had a woman in your life that you used to call mother. Am I right?

Jillian: Yes.

Simon: Great, and you have a small scar on one of your knees?

Peter: Yeah.

Simon: Yeah.

Peter: From skateboarding.

Simon: Yeah. See? I could sense you're a skateboarder. And you had a pet and it died. Well, everybody's had a pet that died. I'm sorry to drag back those unhappy memories...

Jillian: It's all right. I'll let it go this time.

Simon: ... of Frisky the tortoise. I had a tortoise called Frisky. But let's do a little bet with this penny, because as you know, I am a bit of a naughty boy, and I'm always ready to bet for a drink. I could bet you I can flip that penny on the bar and Lincoln will turn up, because you know Lincoln is the president on the penny, right?

Jillian: Yes.

Simon: But I've been taking this psychic course andI bet you I can make it turn up ten times.

Peter: Ten times?

Jillian: In a row?

Simon: In a row.

Peter: Every single time, Lincoln?

Simon: Lincoln turning up every time. And I'll tell you what, Peter, because you don't trust me.

Peter: I don't.

Simon: You think I'm a little sneaky.

Peter: A sneaky devil.

Jillian: Because you are.

Simon: I'll let you toss the coin and Lincoln will turn up ten times in a row.

Jillian: Let's see the coin, yeah?

Simon: It's just a penny. Just a penny. Not a trick coin. Not a double-faced coin or anything.

Peter: All right, okay.

Simon: This one's straight out of the bar. I stole it.

Peter: All right.

Jillian: At least you're honest.

Simon: Away you go and you can throw it ten times. Lincoln will turn up every single time.

Jillian: Okay.

Peter: All right.

Simon: Look, Peter. Here's the deal. Here's the deal, my friend. There's no point in your tossing the coin. It's a little knowledge, dangerous thing moment. You could toss this coin for the rest of your life and Lincoln will turn up every time. Do you know why? Lincoln is on both sides of the coin. The president's head on one side the Lincoln Memorial on the other. You could throw that coin up and down for the rest of your life.

Jillian: Tricky.

Simon: And Lincoln will always turn up. By the way, did I mention that's another drink you owe me?

Peter: Not again, I'm losing money.

Simon: Hey, ho. That's lucky old Lincoln. Good old Abe, I like him.

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