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How to Get Wine into an Upside Down Glass as a Bar Trick

Learn how to get wine into an upside down glass as a bar trick with this Howcast video.


Simon: Welcome to the bar, my friend.

Man 2: Yeah. It's a pleasure

Simon: You look like a new fella here. You're enjoying a pint and I like to see that.

Man: Absolutely.

Simon: I don't know if you know me or not. I'm a little guy who likes to do a couple of betchas on our customers. Just for fun, you know.

Man: That sounds interesting.

Simon: Well, maybe for a drink.

Man: Why not?

Simon: A little puzzle for you.

Man: Okay

Simon: I don't know why, my cat likes wine. So I pulled this out from my cat and that's a little puzzle for you. All you've got to do is get that wine into that glass, but you can't lift up the saucer. You've got to pretend you're a cat. You see, you've got paws so you can't lift up the saucer and that's the whole bet. I'm prepared to bet you that I can do it., and here's our bet.

Man: Let's do it.

Simon: If I can do it, you buy me a drink.

Man: That sounds fair.

Simon: If not, I'll buy you two drinks.

Man: Oh, that's better than fair, okay.

Simon: See now you're a happy camper, aren't you?

Man: How can it get better than this?

Simon: You look a little frisky my friend.

Man: All right.

Simon: Do you want to think about how it might be done?

Man: Let me give it some thought.

Simon: There's no way he'll work this out. Nope?

Man: No, I think you got me on this. I don't know. I don't think you can do it.

Simon: Well, I can and I'll show you how.

Man: That remains to be seen.

Simon: It all involves a book of matches. Doesn't seem logical at the start, but you bend your book of matches, so it will stand up.

Man: Okay

Simon: And you dip that in the wine. It's a frisky little book of matches.

Man: It is.

Simon: There we go. Then you light the matches and you turn the glass over the top, and the friction, the vacuum pulls the wine into the glass.

Man: That is amazing.

Simon: See, I didn't say which way up the glass had to be nor did I say the wine had to be drinkable.

Man: No,that was brilliant. I owe you a drink.

Simon: That's always the way, my friend.

Man: You're the best.

Simon: I'm never a loser.

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