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How to Win the "Drink It without Spilling It" Bar Bet

Learn how to win a bet with someone that they can't drink a shot without spilling it with the bar trick secret in this Howcast video.


Simon: Donny, my fine furry friend. In your leopard skin hat you look like a man who enjoys a shot or two.

Donny: Absolutely.

Simon: I'm going to guess a little psychically, tequila?

Donny: Oh, do I ever.

Man 1: You love tequila, right?

Donny: Absolutely.

Simon: Are you steady handed?

Donny: I think I am.

Simon: Do you want to take a little betcha with me.

Donny: Absolutely

Simon: All righty. I bet you that I can put a shot of tequila right down there on the bar in front of you and you can't lift it up and drink it without spilling it.

Donny: No way.

Simon: All of it.

Donny: No way.

Simon: Do you want to take the bet? Because if you take the bet, you realize you have to buy me a tequila, as well.

Donny: I'm going for it.

Simon: Your hands, hold out your hands. Yeah, it's a little trembley. I don't think you can do it.

Donny: Okay, let's try it.

Simon: Gina, can we get a little tequila down here, my fantastic European maniac? She's from Europe.

Donny: All right.

Simon: If she's not, she should be because she looks European.

Donny: Yes, she does, beautiful lady.

Simon: Notice the wording on the back of that. I said I'd put the shot glass down in front of you.

Donny: Okay.

Simon: That's what I'm going to do and I promise you, that's all I'm going to do. But I might do it a little differently to how you anticipated. I'm going to take a little playing card. The queen of hearts.

Donny: Okey, dokey.

Simon: I do this in deference to Gina who is, of course, the queen of my heart. Well, in my dreams. I pop that over the glass. I turn the glass upside down. I pull out the card. I bet you, you can't drink that up, without spilling it everywhere.

Donny: I think you got me again.

Simon: I know.

Donny: I give up. I don't know how you are doing this one now. This is impossible.

Simon: I'm such an evil man, my friends. But beneath this evil exterior beats a heart of ice, gold, heat, fire, something, I don't know.

Donny: Whatever.

Simon: And that's how you do oopsey-doopsey.

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