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How to Do the Whiskey Water Bar Trick

Learn how to do the whiskey water bar trick in this Howcast video.


Simon: The duncster, you're back again, my friend. You just can't stop hurtling back here to learn some new bets, can you?

Peter: I'm addicted. What can I say?

Simon: You know why? Because you're doing them on your friends, aren't you? Sneakily, away from here?

Peter: Yes, I am.

Simon: So you've been making a bit of scratch for yourself.

Peter: Why not?

Simon: So, you've got a couple of bucks in your pocket.

Peter: Yes.

Simon: Which you can do another bet with me for.

Peter: Absolutely.

Simon: And you know, money's always on the table, my friend.

Peter: Absolutely, there it is.

Simon: That's the money, my friend.

Peter: Here we go, let's go.

Simon: I like it.

Peter: Essence of cash.

Simon: Smells good.

Unknown: Yes, it does.

Simon: Listen, here's a shot of Scotch.

Peter: All right.

Simon: Shot glass full of water. Here's the bet, very simply bet. All you've got to do is make the Scotch go into that glass and the water go into that glass. But as you may have anticipated, there are some caveats. You can't use a straw. You can't drink one and hold it in your mouth and spit it back, pouring the other one in.

Peter: That was my move.

Simon: I thought it might be, my friend. No, they've just got to change places. It's a fantastic bet. It's worth the price of admission and it's certainly worth that little bit of scratch on top of my scratch for you to learn this amazing bet.

Peter: I'm ready.

Simon: All righty. Here's the deal. Little bit of knowledge, very dangerous thing. I say this a lot during this little course, but this is one where it really is a dangerous thing. Did you know that water is heavier than whiskey?

Peter: Yes, I've learned that.

Simon: You did? You should have guessed that then, shouldn't you? You should have guessed the secret.

Peter: No really, in chemistry I learned that.

Simon: The secret involves the ace of hearts and of course, I am the ace of hearts.

Peter: Without a doubt.

Simon: You pop a playing card on top of the water. You turn it upside down and you just line up the glasses, like that. Nothing's happening yet. Don't panic, it's not a heart attack. Nobody dies. And you ever so slowly put a little gap between the water and the whiskey and watch what happens. The water goes down and forces the whiskey out. You can see it happening, right there.

Peter: Chemistry according to Simon. Amazing.

Simon: Chemistry according to the fattening of my wallet.

Peter: Take it easy.

Simon: Hey.

Peter: That's it.

Simon: It's worth it.

Peter: It is.

Simon: It's a nice little whiskey and water transposition.

Peter: It was a beautiful move. Beautiful move.

Simon: Yeah. It takes a little while, but they'll pony up.

Peter: Eventually, yes.

Simon: Because they can see it's going to happen. It'll take a couple of minutes but it's happening. And that my friend, is the little whiskey and water transpo, that'll make you a lot of whiskey and a lot less water.

Peter: That was brilliant, Simon. Beautiful move.

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