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How to Win the 6 Shot Glasses Bar Bet

Learn how to win a bar bet with the shot glass trick revealed in this Howcast video.


Simon: Peter, Jillian, you're back at our bar again. How can you come back and keep losing drinks, Peter?

Peter: I just want my drink. I want a free drink.

Simon: Well, I know you do, and I'm prepared to offer you a free drink.

Peter: I'm going to get it this time.

Simon: For a bet.

Peter: Of course.

Simon: Of course, you know me, I'm the bad guy. I've got three empty shot glasses and I've got three shots here. Here's our little betcha.

Peter: All right.

Simon: Now it's one shot from you to me if you lose the bet.

Peter: Okay.

Simon: If you win the bet, you get all three shot,s and as Peter is an alcoholic, he'll like that.

Peter: I'll do it.

Simon: Peter, here's the bet. You see there's three empty ones; three shots. You get to move one glass and that's it. Only one glass, Jillian.

Jillian: Okay.

Simon: And those shots and the empty glasses have to alternate. So it will be empty glass, shot, empty glass, shot, empty glass shot.

Jillian: And he only gets to move one?

Simon: He can only move one.

Jillian: Okay.

Simon: I'll bet you I can do it and I'll bet you can't.

Peter: Okay, it's a bet.

Simon: This is easy money.

Peter: It's a bet.

Simon: Away you go, my friend, try it.

Peter: Okay, I have to move one shot glass.

Simon: You can move any glass you want, you can move it.

Peter: Right, as long as it's alternating.

Simon: But they have to alternate, yeah.

Peter: So this is tough, because no matter what it's going to be...

Simon: Oh, there's a good move. I can make a little space for you, if you want.

Peter: Yeah, but it's still not going to work.

Simon: A little space, maybe a little more.

Peter: Yeah, it's still not going to work, because it's still going to get...

Simon: Yeah, they're not going to alternate, are they?

Peter: You got to use one...

Simon: I can even put them that close together and I can still do it.

Jillian: You got me.

Peter: You got me.

Simon: Got him, again.

Peter: You're not going to drink it, are you?

Simon: Well, eventually. But not to for the bet. No, they have to end up on the bar alternating.

Peter: Okay, yeah. You stumped me.

Simon: Well, you see again, it's all about the words. I said you could move one glass, right? I didn't say which direction you had to move it. I know that sounds odd, but you were thinking of moving the glasses laterally, yes?

Peter: Yes.

Simon: Well, what I do is I take this one. I certainly didn't say the liquor had to stay in the same glass. I pour it into that glass and put it back. Look! Empty, full, empty, full, empty, full.

Jillian: Every time.

Simon: And his wallet is not full, it's empty.

Peter: Sneaky is your middle name.

Simon: Sneaky is my given name, my friend, and that's how you do a little surprise with shots.

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