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How to Win a Drinking Contest

Learn how to win a drinking contest with the bar trick in this Howcast video.


Simon: Jillian?

Jillian: Yes?

Simon: Your boy looks like a drinking guy.

Jillian: I would say so.

Simon: Is he a bit of a. . .?

Peter: You're pretty right. I am.

Simon: Yeah, you're one of those guys that gets up in the morning and reaches under the bed for a beer, aren't you?

Peter: I can never say no to a beer.

Simon: Thought so. How about a shot, then?

Peter: Can't say no to a shot.

Simon: Can you knock them back quick?

Peter: Depends, maybe.

Simon: Pretty quick?

Jillian: Depends on the shot.

Peter: Yeah, it depends on the shot.

Simon: We did bring up your favorites here. We've got three shots and I've got three pints of beer.

Peter: Uh-oh.

Simon: A little betcha coming up. Did you guess?

Jillian: Of course.

Peter: Yeah, it was coming up.

Simon: You knew, didn't you, Jillian? She's very smart.

Peter: Smart cookie.

Simon: Unlike you, who would ride on the little yellow bus. Here's our little betcha. I'm prepared to bet you I can drink those three pints of beer before you can drink those three shots.

Peter: You can't do it. You can't do it.

Simon: There is one caveat to the bet.

Peter: Of course.

Simon: You knew that was coming.

Peter: Yeah.

Simon: But it's a simple one, because I don't want you to say to Jillian, "Hey, grab one of his beers and run away and hide it," because this isn't a game of hide and go seek.

Peter: You stole my plan.

Simon: This is a game of speed, my friend. This is a game of speed. The only rule is, you're not allowed to touch the other player's glasses. You can't touch mine, I can't touch yours. That's a fair thing, right?

Peter: Right, right, yeah.

Jillian: Seems fair.

Simon: By the way, of course If I win, you pay for all the drinks.

Peter: All of these?

Simon: Yeah, but if you win, look at those little tiny shot glasses. What about the children, the baby children? Little tiny shot glasses against these three pints of beer. If I lose, I pay for all the drinks and I buy Jillian's drinks all night.

Jillian: I like that idea.

Peter: Yeah.

Simon: Yeah? Ready to go for it, my friend?

Peter: I'll try it.

Simon: Here's the deal, my friends at home, this is all about how you set up the bet. It's sneaky. It's all in the setup. He can't touch my glasses. I can't touch his. He doesn't realize what I'm going to do, but I do. You see, you've got to remember one thing, you innocent, naive viewers at home, that I teach you everything you know, but I don't teach you everything that I know. Here's what you do. He goes for his first shot, I go for my first beer. All you've got to be able to do is drink a pint of beer very quickly, like this.

Peter: You blocked me.

Simon: Now he's not allowed to touch my glass. So I can spend the rest of the night enjoying my drinks with Jillian, while you try to work out. . .

Peter: A way to get. . .

Simon: . . .just how the heck you're going to get a straw under there. And that, my friends is how you can get a lot of drinks for absolutely no money, which is my favorite way to do it.

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