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How to Win the Lit Cigarette Bar Bet

Learn how to win a bet that you can take three drags of a lit cigarette without leaving any ash or shortening it with this Howcast video.


Simon: Peter, my friend. I notice you've a pack of cigarettes in front of you.

Peter: Yeah.

Simon: I know we're not supposed to smoke in New York City here. You know, they took that pleasure away from us, Jillian. Now we have to go out into the freezing cold or the blazing sun. And people in the street going by us going, "Oh you, bad smoking people, you." To which I say, you threw us out of the bar, not my problem. But here's the deal. I've got... You don't mind if I steal one of your cigarettes do you?

Peter: No, go for it.

Simon: Great. Little betcha for you. You knew that was coming up didn't you, Jillian?

Jillian: Of course.

Simon: Peter, I'm prepared to bet you, just for people in the street and because I'm not really supposed to smoke in here. That I could light that cigarette, take three full draws off the cigarette, have no ash at the end of cigarette and leave it exactly the same length, as it started.

Peter: That's defying physics.

Simon: Well, that's what I like to do. Einstein is a soul mate of mine, because after all he defied physics, did he not? Do you want to take the bet? For a drink, of course.

Peter: I'll never turn down a drink. Let's do it.

Simon: Well, if I can't do it, you get a drink.

Peter: Of course.

Simon: He's never won a drink off me, yet. He lives in hope.

Peter: One day.

Simon: It's not going to happen. Here's how you do it. You light the match? Now remember the bet. The bet is, no ash on the end, and the cigarette stays the same length. SoI light the cigarette in the middle.

Jillian: One, two.

Peter: Three.

Jillian: I thought maybe it'd break.

Peter: Still intact.

Simon: Still intact. Still the same length. No ash on the end, and I'm just about to get banned from this bar, so I'd better put it out.

Peter: Very impressive.

Simon: That's how you can light a cigarette and not take any end off it. Oh, Gina, drink please.

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