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How to Balance a Quarter on a Dollar Bill

Learn how to win a bet that you can balance a quarter on a dollar bill with this Howcast video.


Simon: Jillian, you know I'm a little frisky, don't you?

Jillian: Yes, I've gathered.

Simon: Well, my little kid, you know Sydney, showed me the greatest thing the other day. He took one of my $20, and by the way he took the $20 afterwards, because he said he could stretch out a dollar bill or a $20 bill in this case, like that and balance a quarter on the edge of it. Let's see if you can do it, Peter. All you've got to do is stretch out that bill between your fingers and balance the quarter on the edge of the dollar. Now, you can't put it down on the bar like that and say "Hey, it's balanced." It's got to be standing up, a little caveat there. There's always caveats.
You do realize Peter is going to fail miserably at this.

Peter: I'm not.

Simon: You think you can do it? If you can, I'll be totally... Yeah, you were really close, buddy.

Peter: Something like this?

Simon: No, that's bent, you've got to stretch it out.

Peter: I'll try one more time.

Simon: Third time's a charm. Oh, indeed, not.

Jillian: Yeah.

Peter: I can't do it.

Jillian: Yeah, I have no idea.

Simon: You want to bet me twenty bucks I can do it?

Peter: Yeah, I'll bet you twenty bucks.

Jillian: Just keep it, show us.

Simon: I'm currently looking for a new house in Forest Hills off you. Do you realize that? Here's what you do. Now remember I said it had to be stretched straight out? I didn't say it had to start stretched out. So you take a nice, crisper bill, very important it's a crisp one and you bend it in half. You've got a nice crease in it. Don't worry, it gets better.

Jillian: Okay.

Simon: Then you balance the quarter.

Peter: Oh, I was close.

Jillian: Yeah.

Simon: Yeah, but I said it had to be stretched out straight. Now if you're really slow and steady and stretch out that bill, and the quarter will land on it and that's all you have to do. The quarter adjusts itself...

Peter: Wow, look there.

Simon: ... as you stretch the bill. Now that bill's stretched straight, I've won the bet, right?

Jillian: Yep.

Simon: Thanks.

Jillian: We'll keep the quarter.

Simon: I like to give. You know, I'm a giver.

Jillian: I can tell that about you.

Simon: I take the twenty. You take the quarter and my friends at home there watching this will take the bet and make a ton of money, so it's a win-win! Well, apart from you guys, who are $19.75 down, but you know in life there are winners and losers my friends, and you and I are the winners.

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