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How to Win the Pool Stick Bar Bet

Learn how to win a bet that you can roll a pool ball under a pool stick without the ball touching the stick with this Howcast video.


Woman: So I need a favor.

Simon: What's that, my darling?

Woman: Can you teach me some pool bets to show off to Pete?

Simon: Well, and Peter shoots a pretty good stick, right?

Woman: Yes, and I do not.

Simon: Yeah, and a lot of people don't play pool.

Woman: I'm one of them.

Simon: But I can teach you how to beat him at the pool table. Here's a great bet. Give me that little blue ball there. Just pop it down on the table here. I caught it. Lay your stick across the table.

Woman: Okay.

Simon: Like this. I'm willing to bet you, and this is what you say to him, that I can roll that pool ball under the stick and it'll go dead under the stick, and it won't touch it.

Woman: No, show me.

Simon: You want to know?

Woman: I do.

Simon: You aren't going to pony up a drink for this, of course.

Woman: Maybe, let's see the trick first, all right?

Simon: No, you pony up the drink first.

Woman: Okay, you've got a deal.

Simon: I promise you I can do it. The stick is right across the table. There is no way that ball can go under the stick, but that's not what I bet you is it? It's all about the words. I said I can roll the ball under the stick without it touching it. I didn't say the ball had to stay on the table. So I take the ball and I roll it under the table.

Woman: And now you've got yourself a free drink.

Simon: And now there's a free drink for you. The ball went under the stick. I just didn't say it would be on the table.

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