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How to Win the Easy Pool Shot Bet

Learn how to win a bet that someone can't make a really easy pool shot with this Howcast video.


Simon: Do you play pool at all?

Woman: Barely.

Simon: Well, look. Do you see that ball over there?

Woman: Which one?

Man: That little 4 ball.

Woman: Yes.

Simon: It's right over the pocket.

Woman: OK.

Simon: I am going to move it just a little bit, because I trust that you're a good pool player, and I'm going to put it just there. It's still an easy shot. I'm going to bet you, because I think you're a dizzy little girl, that you can't turn round three times with your eyes closed, and make that shot. I think you'll get too dizzy.

Woman: Okay, all right. I'll give it a shot.

Simon: This is one, you've got to do this one on Peter. It's great. So you have to close your eyes. I'll hold the stick for you so that you don't get too panicky. You turn around three times with your eyes closed and promise your eyes are closed.

Woman: OK.

Simon: And you have to make the shot.

Woman: All right.

Simon: It's an easy shot.

Woman: OK.

Simon: Any rank amateur could make that shot. I'm going to bet you can't.

Woman: I'll give it a go.

Simon: You ready?

Woman: Yeah.

Simon: Close your eyes. Turn around three times.

Woman: OK.

Simon: Now make the shot.

Woman: Okay, where's the...?

Simon: No, you can open your eyes to make the shot.

Woman: Oh, okay great.

Simon: Great.

Woman: I'm such a bad pool player.

Simon: This is the cue ball here.

Woman: Yeah, see? This is... I wasn't kidding when I said I was a bad pool player.

Simon: It's not that. While you were turning round, I was licking my thumb, and I was wetting the tip. I was actually quite impressed by the fact that you kept the cue ball on the table. Most people would just pounce it straight up the table.

Woman: I'm surprised.

Simon: But it was nothing to do with your ability. It was all to do with my shenanigans.

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