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How to Win the Pool Ball Bar Bet

Learn how to win a bet that you can sink a pool ball without touching the ball directly in front of it with this Howcast video.


Simon: Here's a bet that I'm going to set up for you and you're going to love it. I'm just going to ask my camera guys here for one favor. Can you get me a pint glass from behind the bar? It's not that we need it for the bet. It's just I like to have a pint glass handy. Thank you, sir. There's the 4 ball.

Woman: OK.

Simon: I'm going to put the 12 ball right there, and then I'm going to put the cue ball right there. Now here's your bet. Do this on your boy, because he'll hate you for it, but you'll win a lot of money. All you've got to do is pocket the 4 ball, without touching the 12 ball. That cue ball can't touch the 12 ball, and you've got to pocket the 4 ball.

Woman: OK.

Simon: Do you think you can do it?

Woman: Maybe.

Simon: I doubt it. It's an impossible shot. Nobody in history has ever made this shot except for me. No, you have to hit the cue ball.

Woman: You didn't say that.

Simon: Yeah, I did. Give me the other little puppy right there, my darling. All rightey.

Woman: You've talked me too much about wordplay.

Simon: I'm trying and that's what I love about you. So now you've got to pocket it without being twitchy or frisky here. You've got to hit the cue ball and you've got to pocket the red ball without hitting the 12 ball. Trust me, there's no way it can be done.

Woman: Yeah.

Man: Yeah. It can't be done, right?

Woman: No.

Simon: I'll teach you how to make Peter lose money, here. I can tell you how to pocket that red ball without touching the 12 ball. That little purplish stripy ball.

Woman: Tell me.

Simon: Pint glass.

Woman: Oh, that's why you asked for it.

Simon: Yeah. I put it over the ball. And now all you do, the cue ball never hit the purple striped, and I think that's worth a hug, don't you?

Woman: I guess so.

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