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How to Win Bar Bets with Simon Lovell

Learn about Simon Lovell, one of Howcast's experts at winning bets by knowing how to pull off bar tricks, in this video.


Hi, my name is Simon Lovell. You're probably wondering, how is this man qualified to do what we're about to do? I look so sweet, so charming, and so innocent. So then what would you expect a con man to look like? Hey, we're like ghosts. We drift in and out of society. Part of my background? Yes, I was allegedly a professional con man for 15 years, and then because a judge told me not to do it anymore, I had to become an actor and a writer and of course play bad guys, and wrote the books like How to Cheat at Everything.

I advise you to read the book. It will teach you just how a con man thinks. I've written a new book, which is coming out based around this series of bar bets, which sounds like nothing, but you could make a lot of money from them. Look at how much you spend on your drinks for a year and think if you got them for free. It'd be darn cool, huh? Actually, I get most things for free, but that's just the way I am.

I also write advice and occasionally act on the hit USA television show White Collar about a con man. Well, there's a surprise. One of my favorite shows I did was for CBC in Canada, called Won't Get Fooled Again where we did real con games on real people in the street, hidden cameras, no setups, and we had some fantastic experiences with that.

So to find out more about how to cheat at everything, and after you've done your little Ph.D course here, look up my book, How to Cheat at Everything. You can find it on I believe it's quite expensive. You can also get it in your Kindle, technological stuff. Look out for the new book coming out, Betcha, which it's called, and also of course please, for our figures check out White Collar. It's a great story about the FBI and a con man combining, which is a bit like me except without the FBI, because I'm just the con man.

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