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How to Get a Perfect Shave

Learn how to get a perfect shave with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How do we achieve the perfect shave? The perfect shave is all about preparation, technique in shaving, and the post-shave. This is how we create a perfect shave. I always recommend shaving after the shower. The shower actually has a lot of heat and moisturizer to soften the beard and the follicles of the hair, so that it's easier to shave and you have a much, much more comfortable shave.

After the shower, when you do shave I always recommend a preshave oil. What a preshave oil will do for you is it creates a barrier between the skin and the blade. It offers a glide, where you're not pulling the hair. You're actually cutting the hair with a nice glide. It's also going to soften the beard so that you get a very, very close shave.

So put a preshave oil on. Then you put your shave cream. Shave with the grain. It's very important that you shave with the grain on your first shave, because this is going to create less irritation. It's going to create less ingrown hairs. You're going to get a phenomenal, phenomenal shave doing it this way.

After you do your initial shave, you're going to do it all over again. Preshave, a little shave cream, and then this is when you can either cross grain it or go against the grain. If your skin is used to shaving all the time, you may go against the grain and you won't have any problems. If sometimes you do get a little irritation, you may want to cross grain the hair, so you can get the hair a lot closer. This is very important in achieving a great shave.

Don't forget the post-shave. The post-shave is one of the most important parts of shaving. What a post-shave is it's cool your face down with a cold towel. This is going to close the pores and stops the bacteria from entering your skin. This is a very important part of achieving a great shave. Then pick the proper aftershave that works for you.

If you have oily skin, you may want to go with something more with an astringent then a shea butter. If you have normal to dry skin, you may want to go with something with a shea butter or a shea soother that has a lot of moisturizer. Very important to apply aftershave after the shave. That way, again what it does is going to moisturize your face. It's going to help close the pores, and it's going to stop bacteria from entering your skin. That is how you achieve the proper shave.

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