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How to Make Shaving More Fun

Learn how to make shaving more fun with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


Now we're going to talk about tips for everyday shaving. How do we make ourselves enjoy a shave? The first thing is that we have to make it comfortable for us. It's very important for the preshave and I always recommend a shave after the shower, put a preshave oil, shave cream, and then shave. Me, personally I enjoy shaving. It's my 10 or 15 minutes by myself. I lock the door. My family leaves me alone. I can kind of re-group, get ready for the day. It's just my kind of therapy for myself.

It also takes me back to when I used to watch my father shave. And it's enjoyable for me. That's how I enjoy shaving. That's why I like to shave every day. My regimen for shaving is I shave after the shower so that my skin is very moisturized and the hair on my skin is very soft. This allows me to get a very, very close shave and an enjoyable shave. A shave that where you're nicking yourself and you're getting ingrown's is not enjoyable. You won't shave every day, if these are the problems that are happening. I use a preshave, then I apply my shave cream.

Then I use a five blade razor which I enjoy using, because I enjoy a very, very close shave. Some people may find a three blade more preferable or even a double edged, a single blade more preferable for their face. The main thing that's important after is the post-shave. Definitely, you get a high-quality aftershave. You can either use an astringent, which is an old astringent, which is a splash. It's going to give you a stingy feel. It kind of wakes you up. It's very brisk. Get ready for the day or what I use, I like something more calming, which is a lot of shea butter, a lot of moisturizer. And that's the aftershave that I use. Those are tips to enjoy everyday shaving.

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