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How to Get a Close Shave

Learn how to get a close shave with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How do we get a close shave? For some of us, that don't have some of the normal problems, that men have with ingrown's, irritation or whatever, we can actually shave much, much closer than a lot of people can. The way I shave is preparation is the most important part. I shave after the shower. That way my skin is moisturized.

The beard is soft. The hair is soft. I shave my face and head every day. The thing is a preshave oil, a nice shave cream and get a nice blade that works for you. I actually use a five blade razor, because I like the feel of it. I shave first with the grain. Then I re-prep again. Then what I'll do is I'll shave against the grain and that's how I get a close shave.

One of the most important steps that you should not forget is the post-shave, because this is actually going to calm your skin. It's also going to prevent any ingrown's or nicks or anything that can complicate a close shave with irritation, so I definitely would pick up a nice aftershave with a shea butter or something that's a very calming effect that's going to cool your skin down and give you some protectant. That's how you achieve a close shave.

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