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How to Shave with or against the Grain

Learn how to shave with or against the grain with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How do we shave with the grain and against grain? What are the benefits or it and why should you and why shouldn't you? Shaving with the grain I always recommend, you always have to prep, which means preshave, shave after the shower, a preshave oil, a nice shave cream. Make sure your razor is not dull. Make sure it's a sharp razor. You should always exchange it if you're using a disposable razor. You should always exchange it after three or four shaves.

When shaving with the grain, most hair grows down and under the next it'll grow up. Once you feel the razor pulling that means that you're shaving against the grain. You should immediately stop and then shave in the opposite direction of where it's pulling at. People with sensitive skin, I always recommend they shave with the grain. This is going to cause less irritation. Again, don't discount the post-shave. Cold towel and a nice aftershave or aftershave balm, sooth the skin and stop that bacteria. That is how you shave with the grain.

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