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Shaving Cream vs. Soap, Shaving Gel & Shaving Foam

Learn the pros and cons of shaving with shaving cream, soap, shaving gel, and shaving foam in this Howcast video.


How do we pick a shave product? There's a shave gel, shave cream, shave foam and there's even shave soap. It's all about preference, what works for you. Every skin type is a little bit different and every product has something that's going to be more beneficial for you. If you're looking at the shave soap, you definitely would probably use a badger hair brush with it, or even some of the creams,shave creams.

You could also use a badger hair brush to apply. Not necessarily with the creams, you can also apply it with your fingertips, but it applies better with the brush. Shave gel, you just apply it with your hands. It's going to be a nice moisturizer with your skin also. But the whole thing about picking what is better for you, is what works better for you. It's through experiment, trial and error. One important part of picking the right product for you is the scent. You have to enjoy what you're putting on your face and the smell of it. That's going to make you enjoy shaving.

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