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How to Use a Safety Razor to Get a Close Shave

Learn how to use a safety razor to get a close shave with the shaving tips in this Howcast video.


How to use a safety razor. Some of us grew up watching our fathers use a safety razor so we were taught. Some of us had to learn on our own. Using a safety razor, find out what blade you need. There's a three blade, five blade, or you can get a single blade. I recommend the three blade if you have sensitive skin.

If your skin isn't sensitive and it's used to shaving, then definitely use the five blade. You'll get a close, close shave. Hold the handle like this. Not a lot of pressure. The more pressure you apply to the safety razor, the rougher the shave is going to be. I always recommend shaving after the shower. A regimen of preshave oil, which is going to offer a protectant and glide with the razor, so the razor goes smoothly across your skin.

And then a shave cream and you're going to take the razor and you're going to shave down with the grain, so that mean in this area, you'll be shaving up. Now once you feel the razor pulling on the hair that means you're shaving against it. Stop immediately. Shave that other direction. What you don't want to do is pull the hair out of the follicle and have it go back into the skin and create ingrown hairs. That's going to be very, very uncomfortable.

I recommend washing the face afterwards to get a little soap on the spots that you probably missed for even a closer shave. I recommend the same thing, preshave oil, shave cream and then you can shave cross grain. Cross grain, and then you'll get an even a little closer shave. What's most important about any shave is the post-shave. Cold towel, which closes the pores up and stops bacteria. Get a nice aftershave with a moisturizer to apply afterwards, and then you're good to go. That's how you use a safety razor.

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