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How to Pick a Safety Razor

Learn how to pick a safety razor in this Howcast video.


How do we pick the proper safety razor and the proper blade to use on our skin that gets the best shave that we can? I always recommend sensitive skin. Go with the double edge or even a three blade razor. You start getting up to the five blade, this is for skin that's used to shaving a lot. It's a little tougher. We don't have as much irritation.

I use a five blade, because I like a very, very close shave, but I shave every day. A lot of clients don't like the five blade. They like the three blade, because when they go to more blades it shaves too close, which creates problems with ingrown's, nicks, bumps, irritation. One thing when you're using a single-blade razor find the proper one. Make sure all the mechanisms are working. I have a lot of clients that love the single-blade, because they have very, very sensitive skin.

It gives them a very clean, close shave without shaving too close. Again, the trick is shave more often instead of less often. That way you're not creating a problem, you're actually finding a solution to correct the problem. So that's how you pick a proper razor. Find one that fits you. Find one you're comfortable with and find one that's going to give you less irritation and a proper shave.

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