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How to Buy a Straight Razor

Learn how to buy a straight razor in this Howcast video.


When you're looking to buy a straight razor it's an investment. It's a razor that you're going to have probably for the rest of your life. It's very important that you buy the proper razor for you. It has to fit your hand. The balance of it has to be comfortable for you to use. There's different sizes of blades that come with straight razors.

I prefer a smaller blade, because I actually have more control with the blade of where I'm shaving. With a longer blade, you don't have as much control, and you can't get into the little areas that you may need to get into, like under the chin area or on the nose area for your mustache. There's different types of steel.

The older razors are probably made out of carbon. The newer ones are stainless steel, which they keep their edge a lot longer. Definitely, what I would do is I wouldn't buy one online, until I felt it. So I would go into a shop that sells straight razors and try them out. See how comfortable it is when you're holding it. You want the right balance and the right feel.

A good quality straight razor is going to run you, I've seen them anywhere from $100 to $300-400-500. It depends on the materials used in the straight razor. It depends on the material used in the blade of the straight razor. It depends on the balance of it and all that, but you can definitely get a nice straight razor around $150-200. There are some tips for buying a straight razor.

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