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How to Hone a Straight Razor

Learn how to hone a straight razor in this Howcast video.


All right, we're going to talk to day about how to hone and strop a straight razor. Buying a straight razor a traditional straight razor, which is not an injectable blade you're going to have to be able to learn how to hone it, sharpen it, and strop it. The proper way to hone is is you're going to get a stone, and you're going to take the razor, and you make a movement like this on both sides, so that you get a clean, clean, area and a very soft area, so the blade is very, very sharp.

It's very, very important to keep your razor sharp. Don't over sharpen it, over hone it. And then to finish it off so that there's no nicks, or any kind of bumps or imperfections what we do is we take a cow hide strop, which is about this long, and your going to go back and forth. You're going to use a pace and that actually refines the blade, and you just basically strop it like this, and that's going to make the blade very, very smooth.

One thing about razors today, the old straight razors are probably made out of carbon fiber material, carbon steel. They basically, you need to sharpen them a lot more. Today's straight razors some of them are made of stainless steel, which keeps it's edge a little longer. Very, very important, you drop your razor, you have to get it sharpened. Because the thing is as you see little nicks or anything like that you may not see is going to cause little nicks on your face, little cuts. And that's how you go about honing your straight razor.

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